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VENTILAZIONE MAPELLI boasts over 40 years experience in the field of vacuum and filtration applied to the wood, plastics, metalworking industry and many others

Highly trained technicians with many years of experience have all the skills to offer you technologically advanced solutions, which can ensure a good efficiency, functionality and adaptability to the special requests of any customer. In this way we can offer the best results in compliance with the laws in force.

Our plants are projected and produced in compliance with national and international regulations of safety and environment measures. These machines are equipped with a wide range of accessories and tower over the ones of our competitors thanks to their functionality, flexibility, high level of filtration, attention to details and last, but not least, a good compromise between quality and price.

Highly trained and competent staff working in our company produce all our systems and assemble them in customer’s factory. The trust our customers have always given us throughout the years makes us proud and encourages us to do our best to satisfy all your needs.



Fairground Milano

Ventilazione Mapelli will be at XYLEXPO 2016 - Milan fairground with Bi-Matic S.r.l.: Pad. 1 - Stand Q20.


Fairground Milano

Ventilazione Mapelli will be at XYLEXPO 2012 - Milan fairground with Albricci S.r.l.: Pad. 3P/1 - Stand C36 D35 B36 B40 C35 C39.


Exposition FIMMA Valencia

Ventilazione Mapelli will be at FIMA 2011, Valencia, Espana, with ALBRICCI S.r.l. - Pavillion N3-P3, stand B33.


Exposition SAMULEGNO Pordenone

Ventilazione Mapelli will be at SAMULEGNO, Pordenone 9-12 February stand Albricci S.r.l. - Pavillion 6.


Fairground Milano

Ventilazione Mapelli will be at XYLEXPO 2010 - Milan fairground with ALBRICCI SRL: Pad. 4P/1 - Stand A41 A47 B46 B52.


Fairground Milano

Ventilazione Mapelli will be at PLAST 09 - Milan fairground - with HOMAG ITALIA: Pad. 13 stand C21.


Design, construction and assembly of suction systems

Modifications of aspiraizone plants

Such plant maintenance

Environmental Services


Design Construction and Assembly

Design, Construction and Assembly

We design, manufacture and install: Centrifugal and helical fans, extraction systems for shavings, powders and fumes, spray painting booths, benches and suction walls, silos and filters for sleeves and anti-current washing, silos exhaust systems and boilers loading.

We are able to offer you the best solutions in the field of dust and fumes extraction, starting from a careful design made by personnel with many years of experience in the field. The production takes place in our factory in Macherio (MB), where the commissioned plants are built and tested before being sent to the customer. Finally, assembly takes place at the customer's premises by qualified personnel, able to guarantee a rapid and effective installation of the system.



Suction systems modifications

We offer support for any type of modification of our systems, for the addition of new suction points, addition of new accessories and components, modification / widening of the piping track, upgrades and movement of systems. We are always available to advise you without obligation the best solution for your needs.



Maintenance of suction plants

We can intervene to perform all the necessary maintenance for your suction system: periodic replacement of sleeves, repair of faults, balancing of fans, replacement of flexible pipes, etc.


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Environmental Services

Thanks to the collaboration with our partner C.S.A. Srl of Monza, we are able to offer you environmental services to obtain all the necessary authorizations for new emissions into the atmosphere.

C.S.A. Srl will take care of the drafting of all the necessary documentation, will carry out all the necessary analyzes thanks to the help of its qualified technicians and will follow the company in contact with the supervisory bodies.



The world as we all want it

Together with the customer we draw a global project identifying the best solutions to be adopted within the specific company reality.




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Painted Rooms


Filtering groups and substations

Benches, walls and exhaust systems

Pipes, cabins and blast chillers



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  • Painting booths
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  • Activated carbon chillers
  • Countercurrent filtering groups
  • Accessories for plants
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  • Desiccation benches and walls
  • Filter substations
  • Smoke extraction




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